Mike Digman
UX Engineer, Design Technologist, Prototyper
Stanford MS '13, EE, 3.8・Cornell BS '11, ECE, 3.9
Eng: Android front-end, Jetpack Compose, Kotlin, Java, Python, Git
Design: Idea to mocks with Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Principle, After Effects
Prototyping: Mocks to prod with Framer, native Android, Ardunio, custom PCBs
may '16 – current・3 promotions
  • Clipboard Preview with cross device support: identified opportunity, ran foundational research, designed, prototyped, tested and lead several teams to ship new UX
  • Toast redesign lead: as a side project, brought polish to the Toast notification UI which was untouched for nearly a decade
  • Conversations, sharing shortcuts lead: surfaced potential, designed for the future, created APIs, shipped on many surfaces, validated what worked, pivoted the team, coordinated to ship
  • System sharing menu lead, user friendly & faster: Google I/O ‘19 presenter, evaluated problems with prototypes and user research, constrained solutions with near-prod prototypes, rebuilt icon generation, orchestrated a team of 13 to ship in Android Q, revamped documentation, lobbied OEMs for ecosystem consistency
  • Dynamic screen rotation lock lead, turn+confirm to rotate: owned the idea and vision, gathered prior research, built 5 distinct solutions and take-home prototypes, sold the need, formed a team, owned the interaction+visual+motion design and final production code to ship in Android P, launched as default on
  • Fast Pair lead, easy headphone pairing via BLE: owned the vision, hw+sw prototypes, interaction+visual design, coordinated with 2 teams on implementation, mfgr protocol and UI polish, available on most Android devices
  • Wifi sharing lead, QR code to share home wifi: developed & pitched idea, gathered relevant data and analyzed market, prototyped 4 multi-ecosystem solutions, consulted on final design and eng for launch in Android Q
  • Gestural navigation parameter lead: built tool to collect detailed touch data, worked with research to collect natural user gestures, derived gesture params for new system navigation via stats, launched with nav in Android Q
  • Ergonomic, media default volume controls: identified pain points, developed early solutions to sell the need for change, iterated on the UX with working group, created robust and fully functional take home prototypes, bridged complex design and eng decisions across 4 teams, launched in Android P
  • Dismiss gesture lead on capacitive, resistive & rotary headunits: lead design exploration and prototyping, created solutions and UI architecture needed to launch home card dismiss for all Android Auto Projected surfaces
  • Android P Sandbox Google I/O ‘18 lead: created and scripted demo reel to demo Android P features, built notification demo app for press, lead press walk-through, trained other sandbox staff
  • Front-end eng: custom views, touch processing and research validation, complex layouts, smooth motion
  • ML: human interfaces for machine learning, probabilistic algorithms and heuristics
  • Enabling prototyping: tool dev, researching hacks+exploits, reverse engineering, OS modification
  • Tech stacks: my work has used embedded software, hardware, BLE advertising + GATT servers, wifi direct, mDNS, Bluetooth A2DP & HFP profiles, orientation sensor and heuristics, sensor hub
january '14 – april '16
  • Android development: UI/UX, application & service architecture, USB sensor polling
  • Firmware dev: ARM Cortex-M, wifi interactions and custom FFT/PSD implementation
  • Machine learning, feature design and data science: SVM, PCA, Sparse Coding, CNNs, Lasso + Elastic Net, data normalization and whitening
  • Analog front end design, simulation and development: transimpedance, differential and instrumentation
  • PCB schematic, layout, board bring-up, debugging, validation, reworking and housing construction
  • Patents include “Electromagnetic Interference Signal Detection”, “Identifying Device Associated With Touch”
july '13 – september '13
  • Prototype board bring-up: debug, rework and validation
  • Mechanical test fixture design and construction
  • Transimpedance Amplifier circuit optimization
  • Circuit power analysis: boost & buck, bluetooth, microprocessor
  • Chemical testing of materials for field commercial use
  • Competitive product teardown and circuit analysis
  • CPLD state machine analysis, debugging and verification
jan '13 – april '13
  • Developed schematic for magnetic data transmission circuit
  • Aided in testboard and fixture development for this circuit
  • Worked on detecting and classifying signals with training data
  • GUI development for rapid data input into training algorithm
may '12 – september '12
  • Developed software drivers for bench lab equipment to automate testing
  • Implemented optical module test suite with custom drivers
  • Worked with PIC-level optical components for the testing framework
  • Performed statistical analysis on test results to tune accuracy improvements with feedback
jan '12 – april '12
  • Created test boards, housing, cables, and protocol to verify device functionality in production
  • Responsible for picking parts, qualifying functionality, and integration into test electronics
  • Stress testing, derating, outgassing, and thermal vacuuming to qualify parts for flight
  • Surface-mount soldering, board reworks, large scale cable construction following MIL-SPEC
may '11 – august '11
  • Funded by Cornell University to work at a startup company on engineering and business tasks via the Kessler Fellows Program
  • Developed a telemetry decoder to display streaming video over an X band radio transmission
  • Developed and modified Linux kernel drivers to support DVB-S2 reception
  • Learned and practiced program management skills and agile software development techniques
  • Honed presentation skills through mentorship and public presentations
  • Sponsored to attend two hackathon events leading to the development of “Live Satellite Tracker” and “Weekly World News Scrubber” in Web
  • Created MATLAB Interface with Google Web Toolkit
  • Developed web interface to MATLAB functions with Google Web Toolkit
  • View a simplified version of the web inteface in Files & Links
  • Setup Java Servlet to make calls to MATLAB Java API
  • Maintained Apache Tomcat 6 server, Apache HTTP link via mod_jk
may '09 – august '09
  • Developed advanced GUI and MEX programs in Matlab
  • Used data transmission via UNIX UDP socket in C to display live telemetry
  • Preformed crimping, stripping, and isolation testing of wires with MDM and D interfaces
  • Developed cable testing protocols based on manufacturing diagrams