Mike Digman
UX Prototype Engineer
Electrical & Computer Engineer
Stanford, Dec '13, GPA 3.8
Cornell, Dec '11, GPA 3.9
Georgia Tech, Aug '09, GPA 4.0
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Code: Java, Matlab, C, Python, Javascript, Git, SVN, Eclipse

CS Breadth: Android full stack, firmware development, TCP/UDP, Bluetooth, network protocol design, Bootstrap, jQuery

Data Science: SVM, PCA, K-means, Mixture Models, Hidden Markov Models, Naive Bayes, Convex Optimization, statistical feature design

EE Breadth: analog and digital filtering, signal conditioning, analog sensor interfacing, board schematic + layout + bring-up
  • Contextual rotation lock in Android P: found pain point, researched prior art, prototyped solutions, formed a team, owned the interaction+visual+motion design and final production code, launched in Android P Dev Preview
  • Fast Pair, easy headphone pairing via BLE: owned the vision, hw+sw prototypes, interaction+visual design, normalization, worked with Nearby on implementation and final spec
  • Dismiss on capacitive, resistive and rotary headunits: design exploration, prototyping, iteration, share out and seed planting to launch for Android Auto Projected
  • Problem finding, ideation, design and exploration, prototyping, share out, seed planting, road mapping, resource allocation, production code
  • Interfacing with machine learning and probabilistic algorithms: finding, evaluating and restructuring how we interact with probabilistic systems
  • Front end: from Sketch to custom views, touch processing and smooth motion
  • Wireless tech: my demos have extensively used BLE advertising and GATT servers, hotspots, wifi direct, mDNS, Bluetooth A2DP & HFP profiles
  • Span of prototype fidelity: React Native equivalent, Android, embedded software, hardware
  • Teams: Android Auto, Nearby, Framework, System UI, Bluetooth, Chromecast, Activity Recognition, Soli
  • Android application development: UI, UX, application and services
  • Machine learning, feature design and data science: SVM, PCA, Sparse Coding, CNNs, Lasso + Elastic Net, data normalization and whitening
  • Analog front end design, simulation and development: transimpedance, differential and instrumentation
  • PCB schematic, layout, board bring-up, debugging, validation, reworking and housing construction
  • ARM Cortex-M firmware development
  • Patents include “Electomagnetic Interference Signal Detection”, “Identifying Device Associated With Touch” amongst others
  • Prototype board bring-up: debug, rework and validation
  • Mechanical test fixture design and construction
  • Transimpedance Amplifier circuit optimization
  • Circuit power analysis: boost & buck, bluetooth, microprocessor
  • Chemical testing of materials for field commercial use
  • Competitive product teardown and circuit analysis
  • CPLD state machine analysis, debugging and verification
JAN '13 – APRIL '13
  • Developed schematic for magnetic data transmission circuit
  • Aided in testboard and fixture development for this circuit
  • Worked on detecting and classifying signals with training data
  • GUI development for rapid data input into training algorithm
  • Developed software drivers for bench lab equipment to automate testing
  • Implemented optical module test suite with custom drivers
  • Worked with PIC-level optical components for the testing framework
  • Performed statistical analysis on test results to tune accuracy improvements with feedback
JAN '12 – APRIL '12
  • Created test boards, housing, cables, and protocol to verify device functionality in production
  • Responsible for picking parts, qualifying functionality, and integration into test electronics
  • Stress testing, derating, outgassing, and thermal vacuuming to qualify parts for flight
  • Surface-mount soldering, board reworks, large scale cable construction following MIL-SPEC
MAY '11 – AUGUST '11
  • Funded by Cornell University to work at a startup company on engineering and business tasks via the Kessler Fellows Program
  • Developed a telemetry decoder to display streaming video over an X band radio transmission
  • Developed and modified Linux kernel drivers to support DVB-S2 reception
  • Learned and practiced program management skills and agile software development techniques
  • Honed presentation skills through mentorship and public presentations
  • Sponsored to attend two hackathon events leading to the development of “Live Satellite Tracker” and “Weekly World News Scrubber” in Web
  • Created MATLAB Interface with Google Web Toolkit
  • Developed web interface to MATLAB functions with Google Web Toolkit
  • View a simplified version of the web inteface in Files & Links
  • Setup Java Servlet to make calls to MATLAB Java API
  • Maintained Apache Tomcat 6 server, Apache HTTP link via mod_jk
MAY '09 – AUGUST '09
  • Developed advanced GUI and MEX programs in Matlab
  • Used data transmission via UNIX UDP socket in C to display live telemetry
  • Preformed crimping, stripping, and isolation testing of wires with MDM and D interfaces
  • Developed cable testing protocols based on manufacturing diagrams