Android UX Engineer, Design



From idea to product, I solve UX issues at the intersection of design and engineering. User Experience (UX) Prototypers are the synthesis of design and development. I take Google’s most innovative product concepts and bring them to life in an effort to push the boundaries of user interface design. As a UX Engineer, I use both design and engineering chops to develop the next generation of products. Daily, I partner with Engeerings, Researchers and Designers to define and deliver new features, test new concepts and assist with final implementation.

  • Fast Pair, easy headphone pairing via BLE: owned the vision, hw+sw prototypes, interaction+visual design, BLE specifications, normalization techniques, worked with Nearby to launch
  • Dismiss on capacitive, resistive and rotary headunits: design exploration, prototyping, iteration, share out and seed planting to launch for Android Auto Projected
  • Problem finding, ideation, design and exploration, prototyping, share out, seed planting, road mapping, resource allocation, production code
  • Interfacing with machine learning and probabilistic algorithms: finding, evaluating and restructuring how we interact with probabilistic systems
  • Front end: from Sketch to custom views, touch processing and smooth motion
  • Wireless tech: my demos have extensively used BLE advertising and GATT servers, hotspots, wifi direct, mDNS, Bluetooth A2DP & HFP profiles
  • Span of prototype fidelity: React Native equivalent, Android, embedded software, hardware
  • Touched Android Auto, Nearby, Framework, System UI, Bluetooth, Chromecast, Activity Recognition, Soli
tags: industry software design data-science statistics matlab UX Android web coffee-script