Terrabella (formerly Skybox Imaging) [MAY '11 – AUGUST '11]

Kessler Fellow


Under the Cornell University Kessler Fellowship scholarship, I worked for the startup company Skybox Imaging (now Terrabella at Google) as a software and electical engineer. I validated communications hardware, developed kernel modules, and learned the basis of agile software development.

  • Funded by Cornell University to work at a startup company on engineering and business tasks via the Kessler Fellows Program
  • Developed a telemetry decoder to display streaming video over an X band radio transmission
  • Developed and modified Linux kernel drivers to support DVB-S2 reception
  • Learned and practiced program management skills and agile software development techniques
  • Honed presentation skills through mentorship and public presentations
  • Sponsored to attend two hackathon events leading to the development of “Live Satellite Tracker” and “Weekly World News Scrubber” in Web
tags: industry electrical software kernel web