NASA Goddard [MAY '09 – AUGUST '09]

Electrical Engineering Co-op


At NASA, I worked for a satellite communications team that was struggling to visualize and analyze the large amount of data received by their hardware. I designed a basic web interface to represent large volumes of raw telemetry data for satellite test evaluation in a readable format. Live data was piped into Matlab and C++ scripts, which autogenerated the HTML. I accomplished single page application functionality through the use of AJAX and javascript before crossplatform libraries for this task existed.

  • Developed advanced GUI and MEX programs in Matlab
  • Used data transmission via UNIX UDP socket in C to display live telemetry
  • Preformed crimping, stripping, and isolation testing of wires with MDM and D interfaces
  • Developed cable testing protocols based on manufacturing diagrams
tags: industry electrical software matlab networking soldering