Samsung Research Think Tank Team [JANUARY '14 - APRIL '16]

Full Stack Engineer


As a member of Samsung Research America’s Think Tank Team (TTT), I was responsible for researching and bringing novel technolgoies to life. At TTT, I worked from the PCB to the application layer developing hardware, firmware, software and machine learning.

  • Android application development: UI, UX, application and services
  • Machine learning, feature design and data science: SVM, PCA, Sparse Coding, CNNs, Lasso + Elastic Net, data normalization and whitening
  • Analog front end design, simulation and development: transimpedance, differential and instrumentation
  • PCB schematic, layout, board bring-up, debugging, validation, reworking and housing construction
  • ARM Cortex-M firmware development
  • Patents include “Electromagnetic Interference Signal Detection”, “Identifying Device Associated With Touch”
tags: industry electrical software soldering schematics analog circuit data-science statistics firmware matlab UX Android