Basis Science (purchased by Intel) [JULY '13 – SEPTEMBER '13]

Electrical & Mechanical Eng Intern


At Basis, I worked at the intersection of firmware, hardware and mechanical engineering. I created and tested circuitry for Basis’ 2nd generation product, aided in testing novel activity classification techniques, worked with vendors to prototype mechanical housings, and architected inexpensive ISO standard compliant testers, among many other tasks.

  • Prototype board bring-up: debug, rework and validation
  • Mechanical test fixture design and construction
  • Transimpedance Amplifier circuit optimization
  • Circuit power analysis: boost & buck, bluetooth, microprocessor
  • Chemical testing of materials for field commercial use
  • Competitive product teardown and circuit analysis
  • CPLD state machine analysis, debugging and verification


tags: industry electrical power mechanical CPLD firmware