The Team

Brandon Brown

  • Title: Owner and CEO
  • Phone: 814-984-8475
  • Best Event: Marathon
  • Hometown: Hagerstown, MD

I've been running ever since I could walk, but competitively I ran cross country and track in high school where I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by awesome coaches, supporters, and friends who really inspired me and nurtured my love of the sport. I then attended Cornell University where I majored in Political Science and International Relations. Running provided an outlet for my stress and broke up the monotony of academic life.

In my spare time I train with friends and am lucky enough to have a coach who keeps me focused on my short and long-term goals. I run multiple races every year ranging anywhere from 5ks to half and full marathons. My goal is to compete in the five major marathons (Boston, Chicago, New York, London and Berlin), an ultramarathon and an Iron Man...all before i reach the age of 30. Still a few years off, but Ialready on the way there 'm confident I can realize that dream. I'd love to hear all about yours, and I'd be thrilled to also play a part of it. As an avid distance runner and racing enthusiast, I understand what it takes to supplement your body come race day so that you can be at your peak before, during, and after the race. And that's where Rundle.It comes into play.

Rundle.It is a product of many hours spent brooding in my man cave, researching online while burning the midnight oil, and bouncing ideas back and forth and generally just bothering friends, family, my boss, and the occasional internal monologue. It has always been my dream to pursue something that I am passionate about, and in the process to help others achieve their own goals.