About Rundle.It

By runners for runners.

Take the stress out of your race.
Crush your PR.

Rundle It

RUNDLE.IT is an idea conceived BY runners FOR runners, specifically for the endurance types. Like you, we love to race! And who doesn't want to set a masive PR on race day? Our objective here is two-fold: First, to take the stress out of last-minute shopping or scrambling around for just the right combination of energy drinks, breakfast bars, gels, supplements, post-race recovery items...whew! Just listing everything that you might need for your big race is exhausting. Ever found yourself in a hurried frenzy the night before, in a town or city that you're unfamiliar with, and realized a fraction of a minute after the nearby shops have closed that you forgot something important for tomorrow? Well then you're no longer out luck: Rundles is here for you! Each Rundle is custom-taliored to your specific race distance needs and personal preferences. Forget looking, and let your race needs come to you.

The second, and most important, reason Rundles exists is that we want to help you prepare for and perform at your very best on race day, and the satisfaction that we gain by being a part of helping you realize your dreams. Each Rundle includes an assortment of pre-race, race, and post-race items to keep your body performing at the highest level. Customize your race needs and have your Rundle shipped, FREE, to your place of choosing (home, office, hotel - you get the drift). Be ready for your race by doing hardly more than lifting your finger and clicking a mouse; it's that simple, and you've earned it with all the hell you've put yourself through in training. Slack for once. Leave the thinking to us, all you need to do is run.