The Authors

Browndig’s wordpress is now a defunct educational blog.

The authors are all, without a doubt, very talented people. The authors are all attending/were attending highly regarded educational institutes. Therefore the authors, are undoubtedly, very busy.

There’s me. I attended Georgia Tech for two years then transferred to Cornell University. I’m loving my school work and enjoying life, now more than ever. I made this blog as an extreme modification to wordpress a few years back. All the graphical editing has been done by me.

Brandon also attended Cornell. He has recently graduated (class 2010) with a bachelors degree in Government.

Matt is currently a senior at UPenn. He’s made quite a splash there running different student assemblies.

Hemu is super senior at MIT that’s double majoring in aerospace and EECS. The guy has quite an amazing resume. Just worked a Pixar this summer.

+Extracurricular Activities: