About BD

Browndig is the bastard child of an orgy of ideas that sprouted over the past several years.

It started as an attempt to artificially engineer articles to do well on the social network Digg. Just as the summer ended the project came to a conclusion with little results.

Shortly after the blog was converted for my freshman writing seminar on foreign films. I posted the short reviews of most films I watched online for my class and the world to see.

The summer after, life was once injected into the cold, dead veins of browndig. This time it was to revived as educational blog to be run by me and several close friends at respected schools. Summer light was burned reconstructing the site’s interface. I even bought a used PC on ebay and setup it up as the site’s server. It ran non-stop under by bed. That thing was noisy. Things appeared to function. Shortly into the school year, however, the time commitment of college killed that proposal.

Then I moved to Cornell. Due to living off campus and on-campus internet restrictions my server had to be sold off to the highest bidder. Justhost came to the rescue.

Now, I use browndig as a testing bed for web technologies. The blog is a bit outdated but maybe, one day, it will be resurrected to serve another need.

+Extracurricular Activities: